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EVERDIGM began it's business operation as the sales division of used construction equipment of Daewoo Heavy Industries. Then extended it's business through the development of Attachment, Concreate Pump, Tower Crane, and began producing Fire Engines with the Accumulated knowledge from it's broad product portfolio.

Since then, through our continuous efforts in research and development, we have successfully expanded our business in the mining industry with the Rock Drill. Furthermore, with our Generator Set and Rock Tool, we are moving towards completing the business portfolio in the construction machinery industry.

Since changing the company name to EVERDIGM (Everlasting Paradigm) from Hanwoo T&C in 2007, we have established overseas offices in China (Shanghai), UAE (Dubai), Mongolia, and Europe and built the global network through over 120 overseas dealers in 80 countries. Moreover, since opening of our R&D Center in 2011, we are committed in continuous research and development to extend the product life cycle, strengthening the product durability, and increase customer convenience.

In the fast-paced competitive market, EVERDIGM will provide high customer satisfaction level through fast and responsive product services, introducing high-quality sales management system, and differentiated marketing strategy.

The past 20 years was the "History of Challenge" made by the endless passion and effort for our products.
Now, with the accumulated know-how and the advanced technology, we are again leaping to create "History of Innovation" through providing the world's best products. The Global EVERDIGM of 2012 will build a larger and better world through the Real Customer Satisfaction, through Professionalism, and Superior Quality.

In 2015, Everdigm America Inc. was established with sole objective to provide North American market with superior products and customer support. Everdigm America offers Concrete Pumps, Hydraulic Attachments and Drill Rigs. Having a successful partnership for the past 11 years, Everdigm’s partnership with Concrete Pump Engineering Australia is expanded to North America. We offer a range of boom pumps ranging from 21M to 63M, truck-mounted line pumps, stationary pumps and placing booms


EVERDIGM has experienced remarkable growth with support of our customers.
We are committed in ongoing investment for product research and development, and introducing innovative products as our business expands.

Furthermore, we strive to create new value through hunting for outstanding talented employees and infra structure projects.
With the differentiated services and solutions, we are presenting the vision as a global company.


Challenge and innovation is another name for EVERDIGM. Today, we are running to deliver tremendous value to our customers by maximizing the performance of our products in various sectors and in the field through the business expansion and growth.

EVERDIGM will not stop with the satisfaction of the past outcomes, but will become a company who strives to build a better future.

Our People

In the market of strengthening company competitiveness, growth in emerging market, and aggressive investment, EVERDIGM's competitiveness has always been our people.
Executives and staff members, including employees and dealers in 80 countries worldwide, and our customers are the driving force behind the global EVERDIGM.

EVERDIGM will make effort in h/assets training through continuous investment, and ultimately become world's leading company.