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Under the belief that only the superior quality and technology is recognized in the world market, we are committed in providing highest satisfaction in every areas ranging from advanced design, strict quality control and service.

EVERDIGM continues to grow in the changing market condition by adapting and applying advanced technologies. Also our growth is supported by establishment of a broad product portfolio in construction machinery, mining industry, fire and special purpose vehicle business sectors, and specialized research & development and production in each business sectors.
In addition, by opening new R&D center, we show our commitment in continuous R&D activities to extend the product life cycle and to develop new technologies for production of a perfect product.


Utilizing highest level of quality control and manufacturing, we are offering world class products with on-time service. We are a goal-oriented company strongly committed to create the maximum value for our customers by providing the best quality and performance with service second to none. We build relationships with performance and trust. From day one we provide training, maintenance assistance and after-sales service.

table for Concrete Equipment information
Concrete pumps Boom pumps / Trailer pumps / Placing booms / Line pumps


EVERDIGM’s construction machinery division produces construction equipments required for various construction and demolition sites.
EVERDIGM’s construction machinery, including Concrete Pumps, Tower Cranes, Attachments, and Generators, are recognized for its premium quality in urban development and infrastructure construction sites. With our unique technological skills, our diverse product line-up consists of small to large equipments, and urban to industrial equipments.

In addition, EVERDIGM is developing products and continue to expand production facilities to meet the needs of the diverse world market conditions, as well as to extend the product life cycle. Through such activities, EVERDIGM is providing advanced design and performance, and prompt services to achieve the real customer satisfaction.

table for construction information
Attachments Hydraulic breakers / Crushers / Pulverizers / Compactors / Grabs / Quick couplers


EVERDIGM’s mining machinery division began with producing the Crawler Drill with our own technology, and is now being recognized as the best equipment in the mining field.

We have developed drifter for the crawler drill to maximize its performance, and grown to become the global TOP brand with the advanced user-friendly design.

In 2011, EVERDIGM acquired the Rock Tool business to lay production basis for bit to hammer and extendable bit products.
EVERDIGM is working towards completing mining business sector portfolio through internally developing core drill with the accumulated know-how and technological skills in 2012.

table for mining information
BLASK HOLE DRILL RIGS Top Hammer drill rigs / DTH drill rigs
EXPLORATION DRILL RIGS Core drill rigs / Multi drill rigs